Teacher Licensing Info

Box Elder High School strives to provide the best teaching experience possible. The school employs individuals holding an LEA-Specific educator license, license areas, and/or endorsements. Although we prefer to employ teachers that have a professional teaching license, from time to time depending on the content and the need, it is necessary to employ a teacher who has an Associate Educator License or an LEA-Specific License.

License Types

  • LEA Specific License:

    • An LEA-Specific educator license, including areas of concentration and endorsements, is issued by the state board at the request of an LEA’s governing body (i.e.-local school board) that is valid for an employee to fill a position in the LEA if other licensing routes for the applicant are untenable or unreasonable. The LEA governing board agrees to provide the documentation and support outlined in the Utah Office of Administrative Rules. R277-301-7: LEA-specific Educator License Requirements

  • Associate Educator License:

    • The AEL is for anyone who wants to become a Utah teacher, but has not completed an educator preparation program (university-based or alternate program). Please be aware that an AEL is a temporary, non-transferable license.

  • Professional License:

    • A professional educator license, license area, or endorsement is valid for five years. It requires that an educator has a bachelor's degree or higher from a regionally accredited institution or skill certification in a specific CTE area and one of the following: a recommendation from the board-approved preparation program or a standard educator license in the area issued by a licensing jurisdiction outside of Utah that is currently or is renewable consistent with Section 53E-6-307

  • More information about educator licensing from the state can be found here

  • More information about educator licensing from the district can be found here

BEHS Specific Licensing Info

  • Percentage (based on FTE) of types of licenses, license areas, and endorsements held by educators employed at Box Elder High School:

    • FTE (Full Time Equivalency): 73.54

      • % qualified by Associate: 2%

      • % qualified by LEA Specific: 5%

      • % qualified by Professional: 86%

      • % NOT qualified: 7%

  • For the Utah Educator Look-up Tool: Click Here