Graduation 2024 Information

Congratulations to the Class of 2024!

Graduation is an exciting time! We appreciate the opportunity we have had to work with your child at Box Elder High. We will continue to share updates to help ensure this occasion runs smoothly.There is a lot of important information for graduation. This document will keep the graduation information we send out. We will also update it as we add more information. This page will be linked in the graduation page on our website. We hope this will help to make this an exciting experience for you and your graduate.

(NOTE: If your child is an early grad… information will be sent to the email address you provided, for us to communicate with you about graduation)

All students who have completed all requirements, have no “U”s on their transcript, and have passed the Civics Test can participate in the graduation ceremony.

Graduation will be held:

Date:          Tuesday, May 28, 2024
Time:          6:00 p.m.
Location:   Dee Events Center, Weber State University


Graduation Stoles: Students will be able to wear a white graduation stole during the ceremony. Graduation soles can be purchased from Jostens or CheaperThanShirt. They are not required for the graduation ceremony. It is just an option graduates can choose to do.

Senior Caps & Gowns:

Caps, gowns, and tassels are purchased through Jostens.  All graduates will wear purple caps and robes. Please contact Jostens if you have not ordered a cap and gown. Caps and gowns will be delivered on April 26, 2024. We will have a senior meeting and cap and gowns will be handed out that day (More information coming as we get closer.)

Graduation Cords:
Cords will be handed out at the scholarship and awards night on May 15, 2024.

White Honor Cords
White honor cords will be given to senior students who have: (no cost this year)
Received a scholarship: Students report to  
Competed as Sterling Scholar for BEHS identified by the advisor
Competed as a senior member of the Academic Olympiad Team identified by the advisor
Earned a 4.0 Award determined by academic records reviewed by admin
Earned the Top 3% and Top 10% Academically determined by academic records
reviewed by admin

Been awarded one of the Top 4 Faculty Awards voted on by the faculty
Been selected as Valedictorian or Salutatorian determined by academic records
reviewed by admin

Although many students will be receiving multiple awards, honors, and scholarships, only one
white honor cord will be given for each student meeting this criteria.

Military Cords

Officially committed to serve in the military: Students report to 

Silver and Gold Honor Cords

Silver Honor Cords are given to students who are academically in the Top 10%
Gold Honor Cords are given to students who are academically in the Top 3%

Award Medals

Students receiving the 4.0 Award will be given a medal
The Valedictorian and Salutatorian will be given a medal

CTE Pathway Honor Cords

CTE Pathway Cords will be given to senior students who have completed one or more CTE
Pathways. Our Regional Pathways Coordinator determines these awards for Box Elder, Cache,
Logan, and Rich School Districts.

Seal of Biliteracy Cords

Seal of Biliteracy cords will be given to seniors who have completed the seal of biliteracy requirements.
This will be determined by the district ELL Coordinator or the BEHS World Language teacher.

Student Requirements to Participate in the Graduation Ceremony:

In order to participate in the graduation ceremony, students must have completed all graduation requirements, passed the Civics Test, and have resolved all citizenship U’s. Here is a link to the graduation requirements at Box Elder High School. 

Here is a link to the graduation information on our website: 

Important Date for Seniors and Graduation: 

May 1

Outside credit due

 (Outside Credit = credit that is not being issued by BEHS)

May 10

Final list for Graduation Program & Newspaper

  • Must be passing third trimester classes (needed for graduation credit) to be included in final list

U & Civics Test completed

Scholarship reporting deadline

May 15

Scholarship & Awards Night (6:30 PM)

May 24

Final list for walking at graduation

  • Must be passing third trimester classes (needed for graduation credit) to be included in final list

May 28

Graduation Ceremony 

June 11

Diploma Distribution

Scholarship Reporting:

Seniors report all scholarships to Michele Barker at  by May 10, 2024. Remember you need to submit proof of the scholarship. Link to flyer:

Citizenship U Make Up: 

-  SENIORS U’s must be made up by Friday, May 10  for your name to be included in the graduation program.  You may still clear up your U’s to participate in the graduation ceremony after that date, but your name WILL NOT appear in the program if U’s aren’t taken care of by May 10.

 -  If you have any outstanding citizenship U’s on your transcript, you will be notified by our Bee time instructional paras. Please direct any questions you have in regards to citizenship to Mr. Funk (alphabet A-J) ( and Mr. Gunter (alphabet K-Z) ( by email or phone (435) 734-4840.  The following are options available for students to make up a U:

  • Complete a citizenship course.  To do this, students need to speak to our Bee Time aides in computer lab P2 during BEE Time.  The aides will help students sign into Edgenuity and will assign citizenship courses for them to complete.

  • Attend BEE Time 6 times.  Students can get a “Remediation for Administrative “U” through BEE time participation form” in the office, the counselors office, or from the BEE Time aides.  Students attend BEE Time with a teacher they currently have and have the teacher sign the form.  After completing the 6th day, students bring the form to the office to be signed by one of the vice principals.    

  • Complete 6 hours of community service.  The community service agreement form is in the office.  Community service must be pre-approved with an administrator.  

  • As a last resort, students can pay $40 for each U on their transcript.  

As we send more information out concerning graduation, we will update this page. Thank you for your support and congratulations to the class of 2024!