School Community Council

The school community council is a group of parents, staff, and school employees that evaluate the current status of the school and plans for meaningful school improvement. This is done by first evaluating overall school progress, and then by proposing a School Improvement Plan.

The council proposes a School LAND Trust plan to implement a portion of the School Improvement Plan.

The makeup of the council and many of its duties are outlined in law and rule. By complying with the laws and rules governing school community councils, collaborating, basing decisions on data, and proposing and implementing action plans, the school community council can effect meaningful school improvement.

The school community council is an advisory body. All of its plans and actions are overseen by the local school board.

The council seeks to ensure that each professional in the educational process is well supported, and that information flows from one party to the next.

The council does not deliver instruction, does not manage the school or district, and council members are not elected by the community at large. However, the school community council makes sure that all parties, especially parents and students, are heard and that students receive the best educational services possible.

The council gathers and disseminates information, creates a school improvement plan based upon the information, and reviews evidences of school improvement.

Parents can serve on the School Community Council and make decisions about the School Land Trust Funds. If you are interested in serving, please call Teri Basinger at 435 734-4840.

Why should parents participate?

  • Improved student success and well-being for ALL students
  • Engaged parent representation in decision making will allow for greater equity
  • A diverse pool of parent viewpoints helps bridge cultural gaps

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Click for the rules of order and procedure our council uses to conduct meetings

Meeting Schedule:

September 13, 2018
October 9, 2018
November 5, 2018
January 14, 2019
February 4, 2019

All meetings are held in the BEHS Conference Room at 5:00 pm. Click on the link below to see minutes (or Agenda) from the meetings.

Agendas and Minutes for 2018-19 School Year

Past Land Trust Plans

Link to past land trust plans

Dollar Amounts Received:

2018-19       $169,822.00
2017-18       $146,630.00
2016-17       $114,959.00
2015-16       $108,905.00
2014-15       $89,259.00

Past Meeting Minutes:

Click on the year to see minutes from each meeting.

2017-2018 School Year
2016-2017 School Year
2015-2016 School Year
2014-2015 School Year

Members & Leadership

ChairpersonPatrick ParkerParent
Vice ChairpersonCheryl Preece-SmithParent
SecretaryBrandon NelsonFaculty
Jay AndersonParent
Jesse RobertsFaculty
Dave SmithParent