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Preparing for Life
BEHS Purpose:
bulletPrepare "our" students for the next level
bulletHelp motivate students to feel passionate about learning
bulletPrepare students for life -- college & career ready
bulletEncourage students to explore career possiblities
bulletPrepare students to succeed, be proactive, be good citizens, care about the truth
bulletHelp students develop a strong sense of "self" -- instill confidence
bulletDevelop life-long learners and problem solvers
bulletHelp them think through and assess a situation
bulletEncourage students to value differences -- tolerance
bulletEncourage self-reflection
bulletHelp students recognize that each decision/choice has a consequence

Quality Educators*

  1. BEHS will promote the use of Personal Learning Plans for each educator and provide the resources to ensure that administrators, faculty, and other staff members can address their own learning and professional development needs as they relate to improved student learning.
  2. Each high school faculty member will have a broad base of academic knowledge with depth in their subject area (generalists vs. specialists).
  3. Faculty and staff members will become skilled at using assessment as an instructional tool, making it a part of the learning process.
  4. Faculty and staff members will be adept at acting as coaches and facilitators to promote more active involvement of students in their own learning. They will convey a sense of caring so that students feel that the faculty and staff share a stake in student learning.
  5. Faculty members will teach in ways that engage students, encourage them to persist, and, when the work is successfully completed, result in student satisfaction and their acquisition of knowledge, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills.
  6. Faculty members will know and be able to use a variety of strategies and settings that identify and accommodate individual learning styles and engage students. Expert educators (counselors, special educators, language acquisition faculty and staff, district office specialists, etc.) will consult with the faculty and parents regarding individual student needs.
  7. Box Elder High School will build partnerships with institutions of higher education to provide faculty, staff and administrators with ideas and opportunities to enhance the education, performance, and evaluation of educators.
  8. Box Elder High School will develop relationships with individuals, organizations, and businesses to support and supplement educational programs and policies.

Effective Instruction

  1. Recognizing that education is a continuum, Box Elder High School will reach out to elementary and middle level schools as well as institutions of higher education to better serve the articulation of student learning and to ensure that at each stage of the continuum, stakeholders understand what will be required of students at the succeeding stage.
  2. Box Elder High School will identify a set of requirements - in literature and language, writing, mathematics, social studies, science, the arts, and career and technical education - in which students must demonstrate achievement in order to graduate.
  3. Each high school teacher involved in the instructional program on a full-time basis will be responsible for contact time with no more than 90 students during a given term so that the teacher can give greater attention to the needs of every student.
  4. Each school counselor involved in the instructional program, on a full-time basis, will be responsible for contact time with no more than 300 students during a given term, so that the school counselors can give greater attention to the needs of every student.
  5. Each student will plan to achieve academic and post high school goals through the implementation of a Student Education Occupation Plan (SEOP) reviewed yearly by the parent, student, and assigned school personnel. School counselors will maintain leadership and responsibility for the SEOP process.
  6. Box Elder High School will present alternatives to grouping students according to ability.
  7. The high school will reorganize the traditional department structure in order to integrate the school’s curriculum to the extent possible and emphasize depth over breadth.
  8. The content of the curriculum, where practical, should connect to real-life applications of knowledge and skills to help students link their education to their future.
  9. The high school will articulate with post high school education and community employment opportunities providing and promoting access to early college programs, university concurrent enrollment course work, the Bridgerland Applied Technology College, and work based learning opportunities.
  10. Box Elder High School will develop a strategic plan to make technology integral to curriculum.
  11. The high school community, which cannot be values-neutral, will advocate and model a set of core values essential in a democratic and civil society.
  12. The high school will promote one major service program per year and encourage smaller service programs and student activities as integral to education, and providing opportunities for all students that support and extend academic learning. Students will be encouraged through incentive programs to participate.

Constructive Environment

  1. The principal will provide leadership in the high school community by building and maintaining a vision, direction, and focus for student learning.
  2. Box Elder High School will use the School Community Council and other means to solicit input from all educational stake holders including students, parents, and members of the staff, and faculty in order to promote student learning and an atmosphere of participation, responsibility and ownership.
  3. Box Elder High School will develop a community in which members of the faculty and staff collaborates to develop and implement the school’s learning goals.
  4. Faculty and staff members will provide the leadership essential to the success of reform, collaborating with others in the educational community to define their role and to identify sources of support for that defined role.
  5. Through small advisory groups each student will be assigned a Personal Adult Advocate to help him or her personalize the educational experience. Therefore, anonymity is banished.
  6. The high school will engage students’ families as partners in the students’ education.
  7. Box Elder High School , in conjunction with families and community agencies, will help coordinate the delivery of physical, mental health and social services for youth. School counselors will provide leadership and coordination of these services.
  8. The school community will establish goals that recognize diversity in accord with the core values of our democratic and civil society. BEHS will expose students to a rich array of viewpoints, perspectives, and experiences.
  9. On a regular basis, Box Elder High School will invite outside evaluations to offer a public description of the school and its programs and make recommendations for improvement.

*BEHS faculty and staff are trained in and adhere to the highest professional standards and practices within their specialty areas. Faculty members include all certified teachers and other certified expert educators such as administrators, school counselors, special educators, language acquisition, and district office specialists. Staff members consist of secretarial, custodial, para-professional and other support positions. All BEHS faculty members and staff are part of the professional educational team working together to improve student learning.


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