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Faculty & Staff
All Faculty & Staff can be reached by calling (435)734-4840 unless otherwise indicated.
See also frequently requested phone numbers.
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Allen Gary Principal Main Office
Rasmussen Randall Assistant Principal Main Office
Roberts Paulette Assistant Principal Main Office  
Bigler Claudia Choir Choir Room
Bingham Jason Agriculture F-12
Bliesner Sarah Math M-6
Bown Brooke Biology A-8
Bunce Kenneth Auto F-13
Burggraf Mike AthleticTrainer M-13 & Training Room
Burrell Wayne Bio Ag Science F-10
Burt Peter Science/Drivers Ed A-2/(435)279-0121  
Cefalo Gregg Math/Physics/Astronomy P-4
Chadwick Amanda Math M-11
Cheney Shannon Language Arts W-1  
Christopherson Dave Ceramics F-6
Church Stacy Math/Study Skills M-4
Constantineau Donny Social Studies/Drivers Ed J-2/(435)279-7920
Crawford Aaron Social Studies J-4
Crook Nolin Applied Technology F-7/F-9
Dallon Barbara Language Arts W-6
Dance Victoria Counselor (E-J) Counseling Center
Davidson Tom Science/Drivers Ed A-7/(435)740-4108
Day Melanie Drama Theater/Auditorium
DeMonja Marko Social Studies W-12
Dittli Carol Photography W-7
Dooley Aaron Social Studies J-6
Findlay John Orchestra Orchestra Room
Garn Jamie Language Arts/St. Gov't W-3
Gerlach Peter Social Studies/Spanish W-10
Goddard Chase Science A-9
Gunter Robbie Spanish/Football/P.E./Lat in Action Coaches Office/Wt Rm/M-13
Harding Kristine Science/Volleyball A-8
Hodgkinson Jerry Swimming/Nat. Director Natatorium/
Hugie Mark Spanish M-10
Hunzeker Joyce Ed Success J-8
Jessop Karen Family/Consumer Science J-5  
Jones Joy Language Arts W-5  
Marianno Kelli Math M-3
McCarty Laurie P.E. Fitness Center/Gym
McConkie Wayne Language Arts W-2
McCullough Michael Social Studies A-5  
McKee Jace Health/P.E./Basketball/Boys Tennis M-2/Gym
McKee Laura Business F-2
Miller Andrew Science A-4
Mueller Megan Counselor (A-D) Counseling Center
Mumford Travis Math M-9
Mund Michelle Social Studies J-9
Nelson Brandon Language Arts W-8
Olsen Marisa Life Skills J-10
Parker Patrick Math M-7
Peterson Kim Athletic Director/P.E./Golf A.D. Office/Gym
Rawlins Jeff Math M-8
Reeder Mike Band/Guitar Band Room  
Ripplinger Mike PE/Health/Wrestling M-1/Coaches Office
Roberts Jesse Work Based Learning Counseling Center
Robinson Mike Spanish/ELL A-3
Seamons Shawn Math M-5
Smith David Counselor (R-Z) Counseling Center
Smith Michelle Business F-1
Sorensen Teisha Interior Design J-3 / A-1
Sparks Marsha Media Specialist/Yearbook Media Center
Stolworthy Janet Family/Consumer Science J-1
Swensen Eden Life Skills J-10
Thompson Kris Floriculture F-5
Thompson Lou Ann Language Arts W-4
Watkins Ben Science A-6
Whitaker Annette Counselor (K-Q) Counseling Center
Whitaker Tara Dance Natatorium  
Wiberg Delos German/Language Arts M-12  
Williams Bradley Art W-9
Williams Melanie Psychology J-9
Zimmerman Justin School Resource Officer Office
Advisors & Coaches
Reeder Mike Band  
Hubbard Brent Baseball Coach  
McKee Jace Boys Basketball Coach  
Rawlins Jeff Boys Cross Country Coach  
Bywater Nate Boys Soccer Coach  
McKee Jace Boys Tennis Coach  
Gunter Robbie Boys Track Coach  
Anderson Nini Cheer Advisor  
Hadfield Brandi Drill Team Advisor  
Ashliman Stacie Asst. Drill Team Advisor  
Gunter Robbie Football Coach  
Dooley Aaron Girls Basketball Coach  
McConkie Wayne Girls Cross Country Coach  
Stevens Ryan Girls Soccer Coach  
Johnson Jeremy Girls Tennis Coach  
Rawlins Jeff Girls Track Coach  
Peterson Kevin Golf Coach  
Hodgson Mandy Softball Coach  
Garn Jamie Student Government Advisor  
Hodgkinson Jerry Swim Coach  
Harding Kristine Volleyball Coach  
Ripplinger Mike Wrestling Coach  
Sparks Marsha Yearbook Advisor  
Basinger Teri Principal's Secretary Office 734-4840  
Checketts Trudie Attendance Secretary Office 734-4855  
Ehresman Shea Assistant Principals' Secretary Office 734-4840  
Harris Alicia  Comprehensive Guidance Clerk Counseling Center
Nevarez Terry Receptionist Office  
Olsen Janna Registrar Office  
Spendlove Marlene Financial Secretary Office
Allen Jamie Para, Bee Time  
Cardon Christy Para, Sp Ed  
Carver Nancy Para, Copy Aide  
Kunzler Johanna Latino Liaison  
Misrasi Janet Para, Sp Ed  
Nelson Debbie debbie.nelson@besd. Net Para, Sp Ed
Paxton  Lynda Para, Sp Ed  
Petersen Carolyn Para, Computer Lab  
Price Lori Para, Accompanist  
Wilson Lynn Para, Sp Ed  
Winward Laurel Para, Sp Ed  
Bennett Susan Assistant Custodian  
Bradford Colette Custodian  
Braegger Braden Assistant Custodian  
Dokos Jelean Custodian  
Dokos Rob Custodian (Nat)  
Forsgren Johnny Custodian  
Goss Joseph Assistant Custodian  
Gutierriz Maria Assistant Custodian  
Harper Brandon Custodian  
Hollingsworth Mike Assistant Head Custodian  
Jenks Opal Assistant Custodian (Nat)  
Larsen Shane Custodian  
May Steve Custodian  
Morris Theresa Assistant Custodian  
Nelson Bryce Head Custodian  
Yoder Dallin Assistant Custodian  
Black Darene Cook Cafeteria
Dickson Kaloni Cook Helper Cafeteria
Duke Lisa Cook Cafeteria
Hunsaker Tresa Head Cook Cafeteria
Jeppsen Jennie Cook Cafeteria
Nelson Valene Lunch Clerk Cafeteria
Reis Joyce Cook Helper Cafeteria
Tanner Kristi Cook Cafeteria
Anderson Linda Ed Net Aide  
Jenson Rosmary Ed Net Coordinator  
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