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Preparing for Life
BEHS Purpose:
bulletPrepare "our" students for the next level
bulletHelp motivate students to feel passionate about learning
bulletPrepare students for life -- college & career ready
bulletEncourage students to explore career possiblities
bulletPrepare students to succeed, be proactive, be good citizens, care about the truth
bulletHelp students develop a strong sense of "self" -- instill confidence
bulletDevelop life-long learners and problem solvers
bulletHelp them think through and assess a situation
bulletEncourage students to value differences -- tolerance
bulletEncourage self-reflection
bulletHelp students recognize that each decision/choice has a consequence

Driver Education

You can now take the class in one of two forms. A regular classroom version, or an online classroom version.

regular classroom:
To register please go to this page and complete the form. You will be enrolled in the class once you submit the form. We will contact you ONLY if the class you select is full. Otherwise plan to attend the first day of class. Online registration is the ONLY way we are doing registration.

online version:
Please read this first. To register go to this page to complete the form. You will be enrolled after you have paid the fee to Marlene Spendlove in the main office of Box Elder High School. Registration for this class is limited to 30 students


Contact information
Mr. Peter Burt 435-279-0121
Mr. Donny Constantineau 435-279-7920
Mr. Gregg Cefalo 435-279-3218
Mr. Tom Davidson 435-740-4108
Mr. Jesse Roberts 435-279-3820
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